Hitachi Airis Vento MRI Scanner

0.3 Tesla field strength

Two-pillar design

Asymmetric two-pillar design for maximum openness

210° opening to the front, 70° opening to the rear

22mT/m 55T/m/s gradients

Installation < 25m²

Fully motorised patient table

Lateral table movement ±100 mm

Manufactur year:2009

MR-JCR-102 37652000 KR13157903 K 2009/05/27
MR-QHC-101 37652000 KR13278901 K 2009/05/27
MR-QFC-102AN 37652000 KR13155902 K 2009/05/27
Flexible QD Body Coil MR-QFC-102AN
MR-QKC-101 37652000 K 2009/05/27
Flexible QD Body Coil MR-QFC-102N
Flexible QD Body Coil MR-QFC-103AN
MR-QFC-103AN 37652000 KR13158902 K 2009/05/27
MR-JCR-103 37652000 KR13293903 K 2009/05/27
Joint Coil MR-JCR-103