1.Endoscope Model: Olympus GIF-H290

Olympus GIF-H290 Video Gastroscope
Field of view 140 °
Internal channel diameter 2.8 mm
Distal end outer diameter 8.9 mm
Insertion outer tube diameter 8.9 mm
Working length 1,030 mm
Total Length 1,350 mm
Compatible with CV-290 processor

2.Endoscope Model: Olympus GIF-HQ290

Dual Focus:
Dual focus, a unique OLYMPUS optical innovation, allows the user to select from two focus settings. With the simple push of a scope button, the desired depth of field for observation can be optimized to either the near field or normal field.

Water Jet:
A forward water jet helps to keep the mucosa clear during observation and treatment in the upper GI tract.

Enhanced Image Quality:
A new level of resolving power is achieved thanks to a new optical system. Combination of the scope and the system provides superior imaging.

3- Olympus 260 set: GIF-Q260 and CV-260&CLV-260 light source & processor

insertion tube 9.2mm
channel size 2.8mm
working length 1030mm

4.Olympus 240 set:GIF-Q240 & CF-240ai  and CV-240&CLV-U40 light source & processor

Action : No problem
・ Air/Water MAJ-923 & Suction Valve
・Water Resistant Cap MD-252

5.Fujinon Lasereo set (2014): EG-L590WR &EC-L590WM with Lasereo light source and

6.Fujinon 4450 set:

pro *VP-4450HD Processor

*LL-4450 Laser Lightsource

*XL-4450HD Lightsource

*EG-L590WR Gastroscope

*EC-L590WM Colonoscope



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