1.Toshiba infinix:

For Cardiac and Angio Interventional procedures, Floor and ceiling mounted. 6 LCD suspended monitors, Catherization table, Hi Frequency HF generator 100kw, 2 – Liquid Bearing Hi capacity 3000 KHU, 2 – flat DR detectors, DICOM, QCA/LVA software, QVA software, Cardiac Volume Evaluation, Detector 8 x8 inches – model X1DF-FPD801/A1 and LFOV flat detector 12 x 16 inches – model XIDF-FPD803. Tube Type DSRX-T7444GDSUB (Liquid Metal Bearing 3000).

2.Siemens Axiom Artis:

Axiom Artis ZEE floor,2009 angio system. With a Xray tube.


GE senograph DS digital mamography:

⦁ Exposure Modes: Three Exposure Modes
⦁ Focal spot size, mm (X-Ray Tube): .01mm and .3mm
⦁ Generator Characteristics : High Frequency X-Ray Generator
⦁ Magnification: 1.3 and 1.9

CR system

1.Fuji FCR Prima T2:

DOM -Oct 2015, This system is used for demo purpose only, condition is new and less than 50 x ray done.
Fuji Original Packing.
2 new cassettes with IP of bellow size.
10×12 inch 01 nos
14×17 inch 01 nos

2.Fuji FCR capsula:

FUJI FCR Capsula X Digitizer, good working and cosmetic condition.
DOM 2008, computer workstation with monitor.
cassettes with IP plate 02 nos of bellow size

3.Fuji FCR capsula 2:

⦁ Amperage: 12A
⦁ Depth: 16 inches
⦁ Frequency (Hz): 50-60Hz
⦁ Height: 33 inches
⦁ Power Supply Voltage: 100V±10%
⦁ Width: 24 inches
⦁ Year of Manufacture: 2007


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